pea (1)Pea Shoots are by far a favorite addition to any salad. Heck, sometimes it is the ENTIRE salad! They are just amazing, in flavor and in nutrition. My children eat them by the handful with nothing added. I will sometimes drizzle a little fresh lemon juice on mine, but the flavor is fantastically sweet on it’s own.

Pea Shoots are a bit floral, tender and sweet.  I find them to be much more exciting than the usual spring mix, or just cutting up a head of lettuce.

Nutritionally, Pea Shoots have an incredible bang for their buck! Here are 5 reasons you should start adding pea shoots to your salads (or heck, just eat solely as your salad):

  1. They are packed with seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries (oh yeah!)
  2. Eight times more folic acid than bean sprouts 
  3. Four times more Vitamin A than tomatoes
  4. Contain extraordinarily high levels of supreme quality, easily digestible protein
  5. Contain a surplus of life building chlorophyll

For an extra energy boost, add some Pea Shoots to salads,  wraps, and smoothies! Look for Pea Shoots in your local grocery store, health food store, and at the local farmer’s markets.