Cold and flu season are definitely upon us.

I hear sniffles and coughs pretty much everywhere I go, weather it is the food market or visiting my children’s school. It is so easy to whip up your own version of cough and cold syrup right in your own kitchen!

This honey, lemon and ginger cold soother will do just that….sooth you if you are feeling sick, or better yet, use this even when you are not sick. The trifecta of all the amazing remedies combined will help to strengthen your immune system.

raw honey

Raw honey is really the way to go. All other honey is pasteurized, and through that process, looses many of its medicinal qualities.  Raw honey is loaded with natural antibiotic properties making it a perfect cold remedy and soother for sore throats and coughs.


Lemons are loaded with vitamin C – as we all know helps our immune system fight colds and disease, decreases toxicity and works very well with honey and ginger to soothe the throat. . One of our countries favorite home remedy weapons for fighting the common cold is the lemon.


Ginger’s ability is not just to tame nausea in pregnant women, post-op patients, and motion-sickness-prone travelers. This pungent root can also act as an antihistamine and decongestant. Adding some fresh, grated or chopped ginger into your hot water, veggies or soup can lessen cold symptoms, as can making a strong cup of ginger tea.


To make this cold soother:

In a clean, dry glass jar, add a layer of organic sliced lemon to the bottom of the jar. Next, grate some fresh ginger root over the lemons. Add about a 1/4 cup raw honey on top of the lemons and ginger, then repeat process until jar is full. Enjoy this soothing honey mixture by the spoonful a couple of times a day, or with your morning, afternoon or evening tea to boost immune system or to relieve some symptoms of cold or flu.

Store in fridge for up to a month.