PEARSLINEDUPMy family and I went apple picking this past weekend! It was beautiful! Living in New England in the Fall is always spectacular time of year.  Our biggest surprise this weekend was stumbling upon a small pear orchard right along side the apple orchard. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful. We immediately ran over and checked it out. The trees were loaded with gorgeous juicy fruit, just ready to be picked.


Here are 5 reasons to find a pear orchard near you (or, just go and buy some delicious pears at the market – Enjoy!)

  1. Rich in vitamin C
    Antioxidant properties protect body cells from oxygen-related damage caused by free radicals – helps strengthen the immune system. (They are also delicious)
  2. High in Fiber 
    Helps prevent constipation and also ensures regularity of bowel movement – great for colon health. (They are also delicious)
  3. High levels of pectin
    Helps lower cholesterol levels. (They are also delicious)
  4. Reduce risk of osteoporosis
    The presence of boron in pears helps the body retain calcium (They are also delicious)
  5. Rich in folate
    Helps prevents neural tube defects in infants. (They are also delicious)


Great ways to incorporate pears into your week:

  1. Use as a topping:
    salads, oats, chia pudding
  2. Add to smoothies for a natural sweetener
  3. Make homemade pear juice – add some fresh ginger and lemon
  4. Pear cobbler
  5. Baked pears and cinnamon
  6. Pear sauce with raisins